Super “Phat” FaceBbook Marketing Tips That Really Rock!

8 Essential Facebook Marketing Tips

Marketing OnlineWhen it comes to marketing on Facebook, the goal of any individual or company is to create awareness through user engagement. Marketers who fail on Facebook are those that use the social network to make a sale instead of finding out more about the kind users they have onboard. With a network of more than 1.2 billion people, Facebook is a marketing juggernaut that could boost your personal or business brand if used effectively. Wondering about which Facebook marketing tactics work? Well, here are 8 of the best Facebook marketing tips you can use to stay ahead of your competition.

8 Essential Facebook marketing tips

1) Know Your Audience on Facebook

Knowing the type of audience you have on Facebook if critical to whether your marketing campaign will flop or flourish. Every audience has its own unique characteristics; which requires a different style of communication. For example, the manner in which you talk to a young music- loving teenager is totally different to the way you would pitch a mature crowd of business executives. Knowing your audience and what kind of content they would respond to is crucial to successful marketing on Facebook. Ultimately, you cannot control a crowd that you do not understand very well.

2) Provide Valuable, Humorous, or Inciteful Content

Many marketers fail to have an impact on Facebook because they start bombarding their audiences with sale driven content. Unfortunately, people join Facebook to build friendships and connections rather than to buy products or services. They only way you can build a huge following on Facebook is to engage users in their own language. If you provide content that matter to them, then you will be successful no matter the kind of marketing goals you have. Engaging Facebook content can be in-form of questions, video, audio, funny content etc. Regardless of the type of content, what matters is whether you can be able catch their attention and sustain it for a long time. By offering value, you set yourself aside from people who spam the network with sales messages every few minutes. Need more marketing help? Go to or

3) Show Your Users that “You’re Really Listening” By Chatting with Them

Search Engine Optimization Facebook is a social network that thrives on connected users being able to communicate in a mutual way. This means that you must always allocate time for responding to users’ comments or concerns. Responsiveness encourages more users to join the conversation and make the whole debate meaningful. You can unearth a ton of useful information about what your users want by responding to their comments and questions. Facebook is a social network with a simple infrastructure that supports two way interactions effectively; without this feature Facebook would be less interactive and therefore in effective.

4) Having a Call- to- action

This a very important Facebook marketing tip that every marketer should master. Every Facebook page opened has a purpose or goal in mind. For instance, a “page” goal might be to increase brand awareness while another page might be formed to collect users’ feedback. Having a call-to-action plan in mind , means that you reach out to your fanbase and ask them to perform a certain action like following a page or registering for a certain event. If the fans are deeply engaged, then expect good results, be it in terms of sales, downloads, subscriptions, comments etc.

5) Timing and Frequency – Can You Hear Me Now?

Posting content at the right moment is a very important tactic for reaching as many people as possible. Together with how frequent content is posted, the two factors can boost a marketing campaign in a big way. Finding out what times of the day to post content can be achieved by looking at Facebook “insights“(Facebook metrics page). By looking at data and trends of your page, you can come up with a good content strategy to win over the market.

6) Analyze Facebook Page Metrics – Nerd Talk for Understanding Engagement

If you are promoting your brand on a Facebook page, then you cannot miss to check out Facebook analytics page. The page contains lots of data about how users are interacting with your brand. You will find all sorts of data from knowing how many people have liked your page to understanding your key target audience. Marketers who fail to check and analyze data properly cannot be effective on Facebook. Facebook insights page helps marketers understand their target market very well and as a result tailor content that befits them. In a nutshell, it a general rule of science that you can only control something that you have the ability to measure. Located neat Chattanooga Tennessee? Check out Eserparate Chattanooga SEO Company for more information on how you can achieve first page rankings on Google.

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7) Buy Sponsored Ads – They Really Work

Facebook marketing is becoming tough each day, because marketers are locked in a serious battle to win space and therefore profits on the newsfeed. This has resulted in Facebook changing its algorithm several times to control some cheeky marketers from gaming their system. Because posts on Facebook reach only a few people organically, it has become mandatory that every brand must invest in buying sponsored ads. Sponsored ads ensure that all your posts or marketing campaign is broadcasted to as many people as possible. Therefore it is imperative that every business allocate a portion of its marketing budget to buying Facebook sponsored advertisements.

8)Keep learning – Retarget, Find Other Similar Pages, Share Your Knowledge

Facebook is an evolving social network that occasionally introduces a few changes here and there .This means that marketers must be on their toes learning new tricks every day in order to stay ahead of the game. Just because some marketing tactics are working today does not mean they will be relevant tomorrow. Marketers who know this continue to chart new courses and as a result, profit heavily from their marketing discoveries. Ultimately, one can only grow in Facebook marketing by learning new tricks and techniques.


Facebook marketing requires that you know your audience properly. This helps you tailor your messages so as to garner more engagement. Secondly, providing valuable content helps one build a loyal fan base that is in tune with a brand product or service. Ultimately, posting quality content consistently is the surest way of winning the Facebook marketing war. If you follow the above listed tactics, then there is no reason why you will not be a success on Facebook

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